A talking multimeter

A few years ago I helped a blind friend to install an electric wheel on his tandem bicycle. He recently contacted me again to ask me if I knew where to find a talking multimeter, but I could find only this way overpriced model that costs >2000$. Well, I feel quite stupid now because googling again while writing this article led me to this and this, but it looks like they’re both discontinued anyway. By the way, this seemed an interesting challenge so I volounteered to build him one at my hackerspace Crunchlab. While most of the more common household items have a “speaking” version, there are very few specialized instruments that have been adapted to make them usable by blind persons. This is a step forward in this direction, and I hope that my project can help more people bridging the gap by doing things they couldn’t before.

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Un pilota per gli orologi meccanici

Solari Udine Cifra 6

Aggiornamento: è disponibile la nuova versione della scheda pilota!
Circa un anno fa mi sono imbattuto in questi meravigliosi orologi. Un amico ne aveva recuparati una decina ma purtroppo non riusciva a farli funzionare perchè hanno bisogno di un cosiddetto orologio pilota che invia loro un impulso ogni minuto per sincronizzarli. Se vi siete mai chiesti come fanno gli orologi pubblici di banche, uffici postali ecc. a restare sincronizzati, ecco la risposta.

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