Slave clock driver

[Read in Italian]

Three years after the development of the first prototype of my Slave Clock Driver, I have improved the initial idea with new features. The purpose and the basic operation remain similar, but this new board brings numerous advantages:

  • Powered by USB: it is possible to power the board with any cheap 5V power supply (not included) instead of an expensive, cumbersome and difficult to find 24V one. An old phone charger will do the job!
  • Extra small: only 33x33mm, 13mm height
  • 2 independent bipolar outputs that can be programmed on request
  • 12V or 24V Output
  • Configurable interval (every 60 or 30 seconds)
  • Optional backup battery that allows the clock to advance even in the event of a power failure

Download installation manual: ClockDrive-eng

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I am developing the new version of the board, it will be ready in sept-oct 2019. Send me an email via the form below to be notified when it’s ready!

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