More adventures with Nokia 3310 – teaser

I cannot explain my obsession with the Nokia 3310. This iconic device definitely marked my boyhood, and I loved messing around with it. After about 4 years, it’s time to revisit and upgrade my old project – and what better excuse to do it than making a conference badge?

Enter 1337 3310 WiFi: 2018 IHC camp‘s badge (#badgelife) that hides hackers 2nd favorite chip inside the worlds favorite phone!

Let me first throw a bunch of specs:

  • ESP32 PICO MCU 240MHz dual core, WiFi, BLE, 4MB flash, 520kB SRAM
  • STM32F103 for hardware management and USB-serial function
  • USB
  • Expansion connector
  • 16 keys keyboard + power button
  • 84×48 monochrome LCD
  • Vibration motor
  • Ringtone speaker
  • Blue backlight
  • 1000mAh Battery + Charger
  • Space for a LoRa module

In the next few weeks I’ll post more about the design process and a few surprises. Check out the first post here. In the meanwhile, here are a few teaser pics:

Wanna  get your hands on it? Registrations are open for the camp, or wait until I put it on Tindie. Just send me an email to mastrogippo at if you want to be notified if/when I’ll put some on sale. Build one yourself or buy one here!

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